Acebeam X50 2.0 Flood Light PD 60W USB-C Charging and Powerbank


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The X50 2.0 (World's first PD power bank flashlight on the market) leads a new era of flashlights with a maximum output of 45,000 lumens (the brightest flashlight powered by 3X21700 batteries) and PD60W fast charging. Featured with PD60W and Type-C input/output, this handheld searchlight is also an outdoor mini power station to charge up phones and other devices. Waterproof to underwater 2 meters, patented mechanical lockout, and single-handed operation, all these make X50 2.0 perfect for outdoor searching, industrial searching, self-defense, rescuing, and smart power on the go.


  • Utilizes 8 pieces US imported CREE LEDs, with a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours and a maximum output of up to 45,000 lumens.
  • Supports PD60W Quick Charge USB-C recharging offers a full battery in less one hour
  • Beam angle up to 120 degrees, for wide coverage
  • The built-in thermal control module will automatically adjust the brightness output based on heat
  • Fast USB Type-C charging with powerbank output feature 
  • Built-in safety self-testing intelligent charging&discharging circuit,convenient, fast and safe, and protocols of QC 3.0 & PD 3.0.
  • One single stainless steel switch provides access to seven levels and Special Strobe mode which can be exchanged quickly and instant Turbo.
  • High efficiency boost driver works constant current&voltage circuit will maintain constant brightness.
  • Reliable patented safe lock-No accidental activation
  • Battery indicator to know when you're good to go
  • Detachable handle for stable grip


LED: 8 x CREE XHP 70.2 (Cool white OR Neutral White)

Modes (Cool White 6500K):
Ultra-Low: 400 lumens / 11hours; 103meters, 2652cd
Low: 1,200lms->400lms, 6hours 5minutes->32minutes, 150meters, 5625cd
Med1: 2,000lms->1,200lms->400lms, 4hours->5minutes->32minutes, 195meters, 9506cd
Med2: 3,800lms->2,000lms->1,200lms->400lms, 2hours 8minutes->5minutes->4minutes->32minutes, 251meters, 15,750cd
Med3: 7,500lms->5,600lms->2,000lms->1,200lms->400lms, 13minutes->57minutes->10minutes->5minutes->32minutes, 332meters, 27,556cd
High: 15,000lms->5,600lms->2,000lms->1,200lms->400lms, 2minutes->1hour 7minutes->10minutes->4minutes->32minutes, 479meters, 57,360cd
Turbo: 45,000lms->5,600lms->2,000lms->1,200lms->400lms, 30seconds->1hour 6minutes->11minutes->4minutes->32minutes, 871meters,189,660cd
Strobe: 7,500lms / 1 hour, 332meters, 27,556cd

Modes (Neutral White 5000K)
Max 43,000 lumens output by the customized rechargeable battery pack
Ultra-Low: 380 lumens; 11hours; 97meters, 2352cd;
Low: 1,000lms->380lms, 6hours 5minutes->32minutes, 148meters, 5476cd
Med1: 1,900lms->1,000lms->380lms, 4hours->5minutes->32minutes, 184meters, 8464cd
Med2: 3,500lms->1,900lms->1,000lms->380lms, 2hours 8minutes->5minutes->4minutes->32minutes, 240meters, 14,400cd
Med3: 7,300lms->5,400lms->1,900lms->1,000lms->380lms, 13minutes->57minutes->10minutes->5minutes->32minutes, 326meters, 26,569cd
High: 13,000lms->5,400lms->1,900lms->1,000lms->380lms, 2minutes->1hour 7minutes->10minutes->4minutes->32minutes, 444meters, 49,284cd
Turbo: 43,000lms->5,400lms->1,900lms->1,000lms->380lms, 30seconds->1hour 6minutes->11minutes->4minutes->32minutes, 839meters,175,980cd
Strobe: 7,300lms, 1 hour, 326meters, 26,569cd

Maximum Beam Distance: 871 meters (Cool White), 839 meters (Neutral White)
Maximum Peak Beam Intensity: 189,550cd (Cool White), 175,980cd (Neutral White)
Impact Resistance: 2m
Water Resistance: IP68
Battery Type: Built-in Li-ion 10.8V / 4250mAh


Length: 139.6mm (5.49")
Head Diameter: 75mm (2.95")
Tube Diameter: 51.8mm (2.03")
Weight: 756g (26.6oz with battery)

Accessories included:
Handle (with screws)
USB-C Wall Adapter
USB-C to USB-C Cable
Nylon Holster
2 x Spare o-rings



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