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EagleTac P25LC2 Diffuser XM-L2 + Flood LED Array Neutral White 880 Lumens


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The P25LC2 Diffuser is the latest development from Eagletac that has dual LED sources for long distance throw AND a secondary LED array for diffused light. The built-in diffuser head means you no longer have to carry an additional diffuser cone for your area lighting needs.

LEDs soldered directly to copper for maximum heatsink effectiveness
User replaceable glass lens
Customizable energy saving feature
Battery reverse polarity protection
Tail stand capability with included tail stand boot

Spare O-rings
Lanyard attachment ring
Mil-spec paracord lanyard w/ quick attachment clip
CR123A Battery magazine
Heay duty nylon holster
Titanium coated stainless steel pocket clip

LED: Cree XM-L2 NW + Flood LED Array NW

SPOT Only Modes:

  • 3 / 80 / 410 / 880 LED Lumens
  • 200+ hours / 20 hours / 3.5 hours / 1.5 hours

FLOOD Only Modes:

  • 3 / 40 / 205 / 475 LED Lumens
  • 200+ hours / 40 hours / 10 hours / 3.5 hours



  • 3 / 55 / 270 / 660 (Spot LED Lumens)
  • 2 / 22 / 140 / 350 (Flood LED Lumens)
  • 200 + hours / 23 hours / 4.4 hours / 1.6 hours


Spot Beam Distance: 190 meters
Battery Type: 1 x 18650 / 2 x CR123A 
Voltage Range: 2.7V - 6V

Length: 4.9 in
Body Diameter: 0.85 in
Head Diameter: 1 in
Weight: 1.9oz (without batteries) 


  • Tactical forward clicky switch
    • Turn on the light by pressing the tailcap button until it clicks.
    • Twist the head to select between three output levels.
    • To access the lowest 4th level, turn the head to 3rd level, then 2nd level, and then back to 3rd level within one second.
    • You can pre-selected output level before turning on the light.
    • Cycle through auxiliary modes: tight the head (1st level), and loose the head (3rd level) and then tight the head within one second to enter auxiliary setting. Repeat to cycle through all settings. Turn off the light or loose the head to quit.
  • Toggle SPOT and FLOOD setting: loose the head (3rd level), and tight the head (1st level) and then loose the head within one second to toggle between spot, flood, and spot + flood output settings