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EDCPlus Copper McClicky kit for SureFire Z41 (P, C, Z G) (Black, Copper)

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Stock SureFire P, C, Z and G series lights come with a momentary switch (press down for on, release for off) or twist for constant on.  The EDCPlus Z41 McClicky kit is an upgrade kit allows the user to convert their existing tail cap switch over to a forward click switch.  This allows the user to press the switch forward slightly for momentary use, or click the switch in all the way for constant on.

Each kit comes with a high quality genuine McClicky switches made by Don Mcleish aka McGizmo, a CNC machined threaded copper ring, a silicone/rubber switch boot and an o-ring. Copper has lower resistance than brass, so this kit is ideal for higher current flashlight setups, or when premium materials are desired.

Please note that some basic hand tools will be required in order to remove the old switch assembly and install the new McClicky switch kit.  These need tools are: needle nose pliers, a hammer, and a 2mm / 3/32" punch or nail with a blunt end.  A heatgun or hair dryer is helpful but not required for removing the ABS threaded ring that is sometimes glued in place by surefire.  An old tooth brush is also helpful for cleaning the threads and removing any glue resedue.