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EDCPlus/IS X60L3v2 Triple XP-G2 S2 Neutral White LED P60 Dropin

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EDCPlus and Illumination Supply have teamed up to bring you the X60L3v2, a triple LED dropin that is low on cost, but doesn't skip on an ounce of quality! The dropin was designed with the user in mind, and comes in a diffusor/head tool case, and even an AR lens to maximize the output from the dropin. Unlike competing dropins, the X60L3 has been tested in an integrating sphere and is compliant to the ANSI FL-1 test. The LEDs - 3 Cree XP-G2 LEDs, are being driven at 2A, and puts out an extremely efficient 700 OTF lumens (R5 bin) rare in such a small package. This is achieved by our direct thermal copper LED board and full copper unibody construction. For electrical conductivity and appearance, we have also silver plated the copper.


  • Powered by 3x Cree XP-G2 R5's
  • 700 ANSI OTF Lumens
  • Modes: 3 Mode (High, Medium, Low)
  • Current: 2A +/- 100mA
  • Input Voltage: 3-6v
  • Supported Cells: 1x18650/17670 Li-ion cells or 2x CR123 Primary Lithium cells.  Do NOT use 2x RCR123/16340 Cells.
  • Dimensions--Length: 29mm (40mm with spring), Weight: 38g (1.3 oz)
  • Compatible with: SureFire P, C, Z,



  • Pure Copper with real silver electroplating for superior thermal and electrical conductivity
  • Direct thermal copper MCPCB (new!)
  • Triple XP-G2 Optic with up to 90% optical efficiency.  Smoother beam for v2 (new!)
  • Reverse polarity input protection
  • Over-discharge protection ~2.75v (applies only to High and Medium modes)
  • Linear current regulated.  No PWM.
  • Thermally potted driver
  • Gold-plated spring
  • Stainless steel optic retaining ring (new!)


  • X60L3v2 Drop-in module
  • 60DC (case, removal tool, wand and 18650 case*)
  • 28.5 x 2.9mm AR glass lens
  • Instruction manual / spec sheet