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Acebeam H40 CREE XP-L HD 250/1050 Lumens AA/14500 Headlamp (Cool White)


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The H40 is a simple, compact, lightweight headlamp with tremendous power and reliability. Equipped with one CREE XP-L HD LED, this high performance headlamp provides you with a fuller, more evenly-lit view at night. It features infinite dimming outputs ranging from 230 to 20 lumens and a SOS mode for emergency situations. There is another version which is equipped with one luminus SST-20 CRI 95+ LED, this allows a warm and soft beam to resemble the nature of sunlight, reducing eye strain and makes it ideal for photography. The headlamp's body is constructed from aerospace grade and hard-anodized aluminum, letting it withstand drops from as high as 2 meters and allowings it to be waterproof to IP68. Super lightweight, remarkably rugged, and incredibly user-friendly, H40 headlamp is one perfect light for any outdoor activities!


  • CREE XP-L HD or Luminous SST-20 CRI 95+
  • Max output of 1050 lumens (with 14500)
  • Infinite variabality from 20 to 230 lumens with direct access to turbo and 5 lumen low
  • Reflective headband design with high elasticity and sweat channels
  • Compatible with Alkaline, Ni-Mh, 14500

LED: CREE XP-L HD 6500K Cool White
Modes (14500): 1050->350 / 230-20 (infinite) / 5 / SOS
Runtime (14500): 1m->40m* / 65m - 7h / 17h / 12h
*Due to heat generated the H40 will step down from 1,050 lumens to 350 lumens in 1 minutes
Modes (Ni-MH): 250 / 230-20 (infinite) / 5 / SOS
Runtime (Ni-MH): 80m / 85m - 16h / 43h / 18h
Modes (Alkaline): 250->130 / 230-20 (infinite) / 5 / SOS
Runtime (Alkaline): 2m->70m / 68m - 19h / 52h / 7h
Maximum Beam Distance: 102m
Maximum Peak Beam Intensity: 2,600 cd
Impact Resistance: 2m
Water Resistance: IPX8
Battery Type: 1 x AA / 1 x 14500

Length: 64.7mm (2.55")
Head Diameter: 26.9mm (1.06")
Tube Diameter: 23.4 mm (0.92")
Weight: 34g (1.20 oz including battery)

Accessories included:
Headband with silicone holder
2 x Spare o-rings
1 x User Manual
1 x Warranty Card