Acebeam K75 Luminus SBT-90 GEN2 6300 Lumen 2500 Meter Search Light

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One of the newest additions to the ''K''Series, the ACEBEAM K75 Ultra-High Performance Handheld Searchlight has arrived and it is ready to subvert your imagination! The K75's beam reaches up to 2500 Meters, a professional grade searchlight in the palm of your hand! This powerful illuminator is able to generate up to 6300 Lumens of illumination using its one LUMINUS SBT-90 GEN2 LED as well as six output levels, produces a scorching brightness from 6300 lumens (Turbo) to 7 lumens (Ultra-Low), providing a wide variety of lighting options. The search light also comes with a blinding Strobe function for signaling or disorienting a target. The handheld light runs on four rechargeable 18650 batteries (sold separately) which can provide up to 7.5 days of use without a recharge! The flashlight even features onboard tripod receptacle for mounting in a fixed position.This light is perfect for serious search and rescue professionals.


  • Utilizes Luminus SBT-90 Gen 2 LED
  • Max output of 6,300 lumens
  • Long range beam distance up to 2,500 meters
  • Highly efficient constant current circuit design (non-pwm)
  • Battery level indicator lights

Emitter: Luminus SBT-90 Gen 2 LED 

There are 2 selectable mode groups (POWER and ECO) when using high discharge 18650 (>10A), and only one mode group (ECO) when using 18650 with <10A discharge capability.

Power Mode Group (18650 >10A): 7 / 120 / 380 / 1250 / 2500 / 6300* lumens 
Runtime Power (18650 >10A) : 7.5 days / 31h / 16h / 5h 15m / 2h 15m / 1h 45m 
*Due to heat generated, the K75 will step down from 6300 lumens depending on heat generated.
Special Modes: Strobe (3000 lumens, 3h 15m)

Eco Mode Group (18650 >10A):  7 / 120 / 250 / 600 / 1700 / 3000* lumens 
Runtime Eco (18650 >10A): 7.5 days / 31h / 21h / 10h 30m / 3h 30m / 1h 45
*Due to heat generated, the K75 will step down from 3000 lumens depending on heat generated.
Special Modes: Strobe (3000 lumens, 3h 15m)

Maximum Beam Distance: 2,500m 
Maximum Peak Beam Intensity: 1,562,500cd
Drop Resistance: 1m
Water Resistance: IPX68 (2 meters submersible)
Battery Type: 4 x 18650 (10A+ for max Power Mode)

Length: 218mm (8.58")
Head Diameter: 126mm (4.96")
Tube Diameter: 53mm (2.09")
Weight: 843.8g (29.76oz excluding battery)

Accessories included:
1 x handle
1 x lanyard
2 x o-rings