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Acebeam W10 LEP 1000 Meter Throw Rechargeable Flashlight (battery included)

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The W10 is a game changing flashlight that utilizes a white LEP emitter produce a 250 lumen output with a beam throw of up to 1000m. A 5100mAh battery combined with the highly efficient LEP light source provides a runtime of 3.3 hours at maximum output and maximum throw. Coloured filters are incuded in Green and Red which adds to the versatility of the W10.


  • Class 3B High energy laser excitation phosphor produces white light
  • 250 Lumen output at 1000m of throw
  • 10,000 hour service life
  • Full visible spectrum coverage, no infrared and UV components
  • USB-C Charging port
  • Included 21700 5100mAH rechargeable battery

Emitter: White LEP
Wavelength: 400nm
CRI Index: CRI65
Modes: 250 lumens
Runtime: CR123 (1h), 21700 (3.3h)
Maximum Beam Distance: 1000m
Maximum Peak Beam Intensity: 250,000 cd
Beam angle: 3.1 degrees
Impact Resistance: 1.2m
Water Resistance: IPX68
Battery Type: 1 x 21700 / 1 x 18650 / 2 x CR123

Length: 149.5mm (5.89")
Head Diameter: 31.5mm (1.24")
Tube Diameter: 25.4mm (1.00")
Weight: 50g (1.7oz excluding battery)

Accessories included:
Acebeam 21700 5100mAH li-ion battery
1 x USB-C cable
2 x spare o-ring
1 x 18650 adapter sleeve
1 x spare rubber boot
1 x red filter
1 x green filter