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Acebeam X80 CREE XHP50.2 25,000 Lumen Floodlight with RGBUV (batteries included)

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The all-new Acebeam X80 is a trailblazing "soda can" sized flashlight designed to protect and serve forensic, emergency rescue and searching personnel. Twelve CREE XHP50.2 emitters deliver an unprecedented flood of up to 25,000 lumens of white light to 332 meters, while CREE XPE2 and Nichia emitters produce pure red, green, blue and ultra-violet light for specialist applications. The X80 is powered by four Acebeam high-drain (20A) 3,100mAh protected lithium-ion rechargeable batteries and all functions are accessed from a single button for easy one-handed operation. This flashlight is equipped with advanced electronics, machined from aircraft-grade aluminium and sealed to underwater 30 meters to ensure long service life under the most adverse conditions.


  • Utilizes 12 CREE XHP50.2 LED (6000k)
  • Max 25,000 lumen output
  • Water resistant to 30 meters underwater
  • Throw distance up to 332 meters
  • Peak beam intensity of 27480 cd
  • Secondary RED, GREEN, BLUE, and UV LEDs
  • Included 4 x 18650 batteries.
  • Secondary Emitters: Nichia 276A 365nm, Cree XPE2-R2 630nm, Cree XPE2-G3 530nm, Cree XPE2-B4 475nm


80 / 800 / 2500 / 5000->4000 / 11000>4000 / 25000->4000 
52h / 8.5h / 3h / 20m->1h / 3m->1.5h / 1m->1.3h*
*Due to heat generated the X80 will step down from 25,000 lumens to 4,000 lumens in 1 minutes, 11,000 lumens to 4,000 lumens in 3 minutes, and 5,000 lumens to 4,000 lumens in 20m. 
Maximum Beam Distance: 332m
Maximum Peak Beam Intensity: 27,480 cd
Impact Resistance: 1.5m
Water Resistance: Underwater 30 meters
Battery Type: 4 x 18650

Accessories included:
4 x 18650 3100mAh Acebeam high discharge batteries
Spare O-rings