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Malkoff Devices M61 SHO 219B V2

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The Malkoff M61 SHO is a high powered dropin module designed for Malkoff MD3, MD4 bodies 
Made in the USA, these dropins are rock solid, and consist of a solid brass outer heatsink, with a custom reflector designed by famed custom flashlight maker, Don "McGizmo" McLeish. The reflector offers a very nice balance between throw and spill.  It is an outstanding room lighter and short to medium spotter. Fully potted internals ensure a long service life and recoil resistance.

The input voltage is 5.5- 12 volts. Below 5.5 volts it will drop out of regulation. Below 5 volts it will begin to flash and below 4.5 volts it will shut off.  This dropin is protected against reverse polarity. 

The output of the dropin is approximately 275 measured out the front lumens., with a current draw of 650mA @ 9V

These dropins will have a lifetime warranty backed by Illumination Supply and Malkoff Devices. Purchase with confidence!

Designed for:

Malkoff MD3, MD4
SureFire 9P, 9Z, C3 flashlights. 

Quick Specs:

Output: 275 Lumens
Input Voltage: 5.5-12V


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