Mecarmy PT80 16 x XP-G2 9600 lumens USB Rechargeable (Built-in battery pack)

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The Mecarmy PT80 is an innovative rechargebale flashlight utilizing 16 XP-G2s for a max output of 9600 lumens. Using an included rechargeable propreitary battery pack, the PT60 has 3 micro-usb ports in the head that allow for multiple input charging. A USB out feature allows the PT80 to be used as a powerbank with up to 2A output.

Easy access to Turbo / Strobe
3 available micro usb charging ports, allows for quick charge in 3 hours
DC5V/2A USB output, can be used as a power bank
Pure copper and gold plating circuit boards
Overheat protection
Built-in temperature testing system
Tail stand capable
IPX-8 water resistance
Standard 1/4 inch tripod mount
Constructed from aero grade aluminum alloy

LED: 16 x CREE XP-G2 S4
Modes: 9600 / 2120 / 500 / 21 lumens
Runtime: 4.47h / 6.07h / 157h / 622h
Beam Distance: 415m
Peak Beam Intensity: 43,238 cd
Water Resistance: IPX-8 (waterproof up to 2m)
Drop Resistance: 1.5m
Battery Type: Built-in li-ion pack

Length: 192mm / 7.56in
Head Diameter: 75mm / 2.95in
Body Diameter: 52mm / 2.05in
Weight: 534g / 15.87oz (excluding battery)
Working Voltage: 6V-10V
Charging time: 3 hours (charging current 3A)

User Interface:
From OFF: Single click for LOW
From OFF: Double click for TURBO
From OFF: Triple click for Strobe
From OFF: Long press (>1 second) for Momentary TURBO; release to turn OFF

From Strobe: Long press >1 sec for SOS
From ON: Press and hold to advance through modes
From ON: Single click for OFF

The PT series is a high-performance light and generates significant heat in Turbo mode. To protect the light and user, output in Turbo will drop to 70% of maximum brightness after 3 minutes. Output will also be adjusted by real time temperature monitoring

Unscrew the head to reveal a micro-usb port built into the threads.
When charging, the indicator light turns red, when charging is complete the indicator light turns green.
No indicator light indicates that there is no load.
Up to 3 micro-usb inputs can be taken for a total of 3A charging

User manual, lanyard, o-rings, li-ion battery pack (8.4V 13600mAh)