Olight S10R Baton III Luminus SST-40 LED 600 Lumens (Battery Included)


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The S10R Baton III (S10R III) is the third generation of the extremely popular flagship S10R rechargeable EDC flashlights. This is the first light to feature the highly energy efficient LUMINUS SST-40 LED with a maximum output of 600 lumens. Compared to the S10R II, its length has decreased by 6% and is 100 lumens brighter. The S10R III has added our signature timer function and comes with the latest fast charging dock for the new OLIGHT S series. The S10R III is also compatible with the portable USB magnetic charging cable (MCC). With a brand new LED, higher output, smaller size, timer function and improved accessories, the S10R III Baton is the perfect companion for everywhere you go.

Key Features:

  • Utilizes the brand new, highly energy efficient Luminus SST-40 LED delivering a maximum output of 600 lumen
  • Smooth aluminum reflector paired with hardened glass with a coating on both sides allowing for a 99% light transmission rate
  • Low profile tactile black silicone gel side switch that protects from accidental activation in a pocket
  • Magnetic tail cap that allows it to be secured to ferrous metal surfaces for hands free work
  • New USB desktop charging dock provided. This flashlight also has a charging port that is compatible with Olight magnetic charging cables and can be charged up on the go.
  • Low power (for RCR123A only) indicator under the side switch. When the battery voltage is running low (below 3.1V), it will glow red.
  • Thermal management program. To protect the users hand and flashlight from heat, the 600 lumen turbo mode will stay on for 1.5 minutes before stepping down to 50% of the initial brightness. The light can go back up to turbo once it has cooled down for one minute.
  • Direct access to turbo mode: when the flashlight is not under the lockout mode, double click to activate the turbo mode
  • Timer function: long timer (9 minutes) and short timer (3 minutes)


LED: Luminus SST-40 CW
Modes: 600 -> 300 / 120 / 12 / 0.5 lumens
Runtime: 1.5 -> 60m / 160m / 33h / 15d
Beam Distance: 387 ft / 118 m
Peak Beam Intensity: 3,500 cd
Water Resistance: IPX-8 (waterproof up to 1 m)
Drop Resistance: 5 ft / 1.5 m
Battery Type: 1 x CR123A / 1 x RCR123A
Weight: 1.52oz / 43g (Excluding batteries)


  • Body Length: 2.89in / 68.5mm
  • Bezel Diameter: 0.91in / 23mm
  • Charging Dock: 2.17 in / 55.1mm x 1.71in / 50mm x 0.63in / 16mm

Included Accessories

  • User Manual
  • Olight RCR123A 650mAh 3.7v battery
  • Charging dock 
  • Lanyard