Thrunite TT20 SST70 2526 Lumen USB-C Rechargeable Flashlight (Metal Grey) (Battery Included)

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The TT20 tactical rechargeable LED flashlight adopts the Luminus SST-70 LED for output up to 2,526 lumens and max beam distance of 258 meters. 


  • TACTICAL DESIGN: Dual swtich control. Long press the side switch to activate the stepless dimming. This allows you to adjust the light to the exact level you need. Single click the tactical tail switch to access to turbo mode directly to keeps you safe when in a dangerous situation.
  • HIGH PERFORMANCE: Max 2526 Lumens flashlight CREE SST70 LED Bulb provides bright light, easily light up to 258 meters/ 822 feet.Equipped with a smooth reflector, the TT20 has a max beam distance up to 282 yards, perfect for outdoor searching and rescue.
  • USB-C RECHARGEABLE: Equipped with ThruNite 5000mAh 21700 battery(proprietary), the TT20 is slightly larger in size will also provide more energy/power and runtime than a normal 18650 light.
  • VERSATILE: Includes a range of brightness levels from an infinitely high down to a very dim “firefly mode” and a strobe setting for emergencies. A dual-direction clip provides easy access for every day tasks!
  • USER FRIENDLY UI AND RUGGED DESIGN: Access Turbo from any mode with a double-click. Grippy and non-slip knurling design makes the TC15 V2 glove-friendly.


LED: Luminous SST-70 LED
Mode & Runtime (Tested with Thrunite 5000mAh 21700 Battery(proprietary))
Note: Light can ramp up and down for user selectable output
Mode: 0.54 (Firefly) / 31 (Infinity Low) / 1468->654(Infinity High) / 2526->610 (Turbo) / Strobe (1294) lumens
Runtime: 64d/ 90h / 190s+235m / 150s+237m / 320m
*Please note: Due to heat generated, the TT20 will step down as noted.
Working voltage: 2.7-4.2V
Battery: 1 x 21700 proprietary lithium ion cell (included)
Peak Beam Intensity: 16,650 cd
Max Beam Distance: 258m
Waterproof: IPX-8 (2 meters)
Impact Resistance: 1.5 m
Working Temperature: -20C to 40C

Weight: 98g (without battery)

Holster x1, Spare O-rings x2, Lanyard x1, THRUNITE 21700 battery x1, USB C Charging Cable x1, Spare USB Rubber Cover x1,Dual-direction Clip x1. 


CAUTION :Please screw down the light head and tail cap tightly before use.

  • Lock/Unlock
    When the flashlight is off, press and hold the side switch to enter the firefly mode. Under firefly mode, press and hold the side switch to access the lockout mode. Under the lockout mode, press and hold the side switch to unlock the flashlight.
    Note: Under the lockout mode, the indicator is red when pressing the side switch, and turns off after 0.2 seconds. Under the lockout mode, single click the tail switch to double lock the flashlight. (the indicator will be always red in double lock mode).


    How to turn on the light under double lock mode:
    Single click the tail switch, the RED indicator will turn off. Press and hold the side switch to unlock the light.


    Turn ON/OFF
    After the light is unlocked, press the side switch to turn the light on/off. The light will turn on in the last mode used, except firefly, turbo, and strobe.


    Change Modes
    Single-click the side switch to the last mode used, then press and hold the side switch to circle through infinity high and infinity low.
    Shortcut to firefly: When the light is off, press and hold the side switch to get firefly mode.

  • Direct access to turbo: when the flashlight is off, single-click the tactical tail switch to access to turbo mode directly, or double click the side switch to enter turbo mode in any mode.

  • Shortcut to strobe: triple-click the side switch to get strobe.

  • Rechargeable Function

    The max charging current is Type-c 2000mA. During charging, the indicator is RED. After being fully charged, the indicator will be BLUE. When the indicator flashes purple, it means abnormal charging. (Please screw down the light head and tail cap tightly before use) Only low mode is available while charging. Under-voltage protection(voltage under 2.65V), the indicator will flash red for 5 times, then turn off when pressing the side switch.




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