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Innovation Cooling IC Diamond 7 Carat 1.5g


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Diamond is five times better thermal conductivity compared to silver makes it a superior heat transfer material for cooling high performance CPUs and is electrically non-conductive and non-capacitive.


Key Features

Each tube of IC Diamond Thermal grease contains 7 carats of micronized diamond with diamond particle loadings @ 94% by weight. Material loading above 90% is recommended as the best combination of rheological and thermal properties to minimize interface pump out due to thermal cycling.
Superior bulk conductivity
Excellent thermal impedance
Tight particle distributions
< 40 µ maximum particle diameter
Silicone free
Lower viscosity
Greater stability
Non capacitive or electrically conductive


Curing Time: IC Diamond requires minimal time to attain peak performance; in most cases, IC Diamond will reach peak performance after two hours of use. *

Stability: IC Diamond is designed for stability - it will not bleed or separate in normal use.

Key Specifications

Thermal Conductance: 4.5 W/m-K (data acquired with an ASTM D - 5470 thermal interface test instrument)
Thermal Resistance: 0.25oC-cm2/[email protected] 100 µBLT
Average Particle Size: <40 µ maximum particle diameter
Compliancy: RoHS Compliant.

Note: Cure Time assumes an optimized pressure of 50  PSI Lighter load pressures will increase cure times to a week or more


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