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Laulima Metal Craft Todai Brass Flashlight (Nichia 219C, 4000K, Steel Flame Clip, Patina Finish)


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Low Stock 1 Remaining



This product is NEW FROM MAKER and will include a Certificate of Authenticity and carrying pouch.

Limited in production, the Todai is a beautiful USA made flashlight with limited production from the workshop of Laulima Metal Craft. 

TODAI is the Japanese word for lighthouse. The second design from Laulima Metal Craft the TODAI was built as a collaboration platform with other makers. This light is currently available in standard form with a brilliant minimalistic design.

Materials: Brass (Forced Patina)
Driver: Dr. Jones H17F 
Emitter: Triple Nichia 219C 4000K Neutral White 
Optic: Carclo Narrow Spot with Green GITD Gasket
Window: Flat Sapphire watch “glass” 
Switch: McClicky 
Boot: Blue Prometheus 
Clip: Steel Flame Engraved Paw
Battery: Single 18350 (NOT INCLUDED)

The TODAI requires a single 18350. The quality and condition of your cell directly impacts the performance of your new light.

Suggested 18350: Keeppower 18350 1200mAh Flat Top
Suggested charger: Xtar VC2S

Operation: The H17F driver by Dr. Jones is a high performance, feature rich driver. The stock configuration walks up from low, medium, high, turbo with each press of the switch . The driver has battery monitoring and thermal control to step down when your voltage gets below 3.0V or above 60*C. It is user programmable, and for a full description of features and operation go to:


Laulima Metal Craft