Cree XP-E, 16mm Star MCPCB, R2, WG tint


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The XLamp XP-E LED combines the proven lighting-class performance and reliability of the XLamp XR-E LED in a package with 80% smaller footprint.  This smaller package extends Cree's award-winning LED performance into new LED lighting applications.

With the industry's highest performance, new XLamp XP-E color LEDs provide up to 69 percent more flux than the existing XLamp XR color portfolio, with an 80 percent smaller footprint. XLamp XP-E reduces the space between LED die by 75%, compared to XLamp XR color LEDs.


  • Industry-leading flux output in all whites and colors
  • Symmetrical package
  • Unlimited floor life at <= 30 degrees C/85% RH
  • Electrically-isolated thermal path
(the above specifications apply to the bare emitters only - these emitters are already reflow-soldered onto the MCPCBs.)

Please see the Cree datasheet for more information

These emitters are mounted on a 16mm star MCPCB.

These emitters are great for beginning hobbyists looking to make their first mod! The board is large and relatively easy to solder to.

Please note that this product is NOT refundable once ordered, and due to it's nature, does not carry any warranty. This is a product made to be integrated into a flashlight or lighting device, not meant to be used on it's own.