8xAMC7135 (3.04A) (Selectable) Mode Driver (Nanjg 105c)


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Please note: We do NOT offer modding or soldering services at this time 

This is the 3.04A version of the classic 8x7135 driver- the chips have been binned higher and put out 380mA each!


As an alternative:
star1: 5/30/100/strobe/SOS (w/memory) (also default - no jumper)
star2: 5/100/strobe (w/memory)
star3: 5/30/100 (w/memory)
star4: 5/100 (w/ memory)

This is a 3 mode, 3.04A (4xAMC7135) regulated linear driver with a microcontroller unit (MCU) that controlls brightness by PWM - an almost undetectable 5kHz.
never be plauged by flickering light from poorly designed drivers again!

The diameter of this board is 17mm. The PCB is 1.2mm, gold plated on both sides, and has a component height of 1.5mm. The driver's core component is a AMC 7135 current regulator.

The board features reverse polarity protection, low voltage warning (it will lower power at 2.9-3V). This board functions best with a single cell li-ion and a low forward voltage emiter, like a Cree XM-L.

Input Voltage: 2.8-6V (As this is a linear regulator it is not recommended to run @ 6V with a single LED)

This driver already has wires connected to the output. all you need to do is solder them to the LED.

Please note that this product is NOT refundable once ordered, and due to it's nature, does not carry any warranty. This is a product made to be integrated into a flashlight or lighting device, not meant to be used on it's own.

Datasheet for single 7135: