Laulima Metal Craft Mahilini Titanium Flashlight (Nichia 219C, 4000K, Stock Clip, Tumbled Finish)

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This product is NEW FROM MAKER and will include a Certificate of Authenticity and carrying pouch.

Limited in production, the Mahilini is a beautiful USA made flashlight with limited production from the workshop of Laulima Metal Craft. 

Manufacturer Description:
Malihini - the Hawaiian word for newcomer. While we are not newcomers to the EDC and flashlight communities our first light represents a shift from avid collector, to makers. We are newcomers amongst the esteemed group of custom light builders who we have a tremendous respect and gratitude for helping us develop our first light.

Materials: Titanium
Driver: Dr. Jones H17F 
Emitter: Triple Nichia 219C 4000K Neutral White 
Optic: Carclo Narrow Spot 
Window: Flat Sapphire watch “glass” 
Switch: McClicky 
Boot: Black Prometheus 
Battery: Single 18350 (NOT INCLUDED)

The Malihini requires a single 18350. The quality and condition of your cell directly impacts the performance of your new light.

Suggested 18350: Keeppower 18350 1200mAh Flat Top
Suggested charger: Xtar VC2S

Operation: The H17F driver by Dr. Jones is a high performance, feature rich driver. The stock configuration walks up from low, medium, high, turbo with each press of the switch . The driver has battery monitoring and thermal control to step down when your voltage gets below 3.0V or above 60*C. It is user programmable, and for a full description of features and operation go to:


Laulima Metal Craft