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Malkoff Devices M61L 219B V3


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The Malkoff M61L 219B V3 is a dropin module for P60/D26 style hosts - Surefire P, C, Z, M, G series, Malkoff MD2, and Elzetta ZFL-M60. Made in the USA, these dropins are rock solid, and consist of a solid brass outer heatsink, with a custom reflector designed by famed custom flashlight maker, Don "McGizmo" McLeish.

The LED is a neutral white (4000K) Nichia 219B 95 CRI. This is the highest CRI we've ever had for a Malkoff dropin!

The input voltage is 3.4- 9 volts. Below 3.4 volts it will drop out of regulation and run direct drive. The output is 150 measured out the front lumens. The current draw is 340mA at 6 volts.

These dropins will have a lifetime warranty backed by Illumination Supply and Malkoff Devices. Purchase with confidence!

Malkoff Devices Products are Proudly Made in the USA


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