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2 pin Deutsch Connector (Female)


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These are 2 pin female Deutsch connectors for your wiring convenience. Simply crimp the black and red wires to the gold pins and insert. These are not required if you purchase a light with a wiring harness as the lights come with a male Deutsch connector and the harness has 2 female Deutsch connector plugs.


Assembly order:


1. Insert positive and negative wires through tailcap(A) and through the rubber housing(B)

2. Crimp wires to gold pins (C)

3. Insert gold pins into housing (D) (make sure to mirror which side has positive and negative to the male adapter you are plugging into)

4. Insert rubber seal (B) into the housing (D)

5. Cover housing (D) with tailcap (A)

6. Make sure the second rubber housing (E) is sitting flush on the housing (D)

7. Insert green cover (F) into the housing (D)

8. (Recommended) Heat wrap the area between the wiring and housing to ensure a better dust and moisture seal.