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PixelPusher BetterPixel Singles (10 pack)


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The BetterPixel is a LED with the controller integrated inside the LED package. It features two wire signaling with much more robust signaling its single wire counterparts(like the WS2812B).

These are single pixels for testing and DIY. They measure 13mmx13mm, with a board thickness of 1.5mm, and component thickness of 1.5mm (3mm total). These are great for building wearables!

Signal wires should be inserted from the left side of the board.

Pixel.rc configuration should be as follows:
where n is the strip number

If clock and data are mixed up, you do not have to resolder, simply use the swap command:
This will swap clock and data on ports 1, 2, 3, and 4.

Note: Wiring not included.