PixelPusher BetterPixel 144LED/M Strip, IP67


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The PixelPusher BetterPixel LED strip utilizes a new LED package called the APA102. The APA102 has controlling circuitry built into the LED package itself which removes the need for external components. The APA102 features 4 wire signaling unlike other all in one packages, and has much more robust signaling IP67: Suitable for immersion to one meter (three feet), this strip is sealed inside a silicone tube, and comes with mounting clips. These LED strips are three metres long. They can be cut at single LED intervals and rejoined by soldering. There are 144 LEDs per metre. Each pixel is individually controllable. The strips are flexible but must not be kinked; the minimum bend radius is about three inches. The strips may be daisychained, but performance suffers. We get much better performance by driving them in parallel. You can daisy chain shorter segments if you want but we recommend a max of 480 pixels on any one controller port. Each controller has eight ports. More silicone sealant is recommended if these strips will be used outdoors. More information about the PixelPusher is available at Heroic Robotics